Wednesday, 25 May 2016

I’m Back

As our local caravanning groups Public Relations Officer, that is.
A couple of months ago I posted a picture of Betty, which I also put on Facebook. of when we helped her celebrate 43 happy years caravanning. At the meeting I was asked to re-join the groups committee, I did and was reappointed as their P.R.O.  
From The Camping and Caravanning Club magazine.
So in less than 6 weeks after taking up the position my first picture appears in the Camping and Caravanning Club’s national magazine it had been picked up the Club reporter Sheila Kiggins, who asked if it could be used in the magazine.
And here it is a bit bigger
L to R Dave Binns, Batty Brown, Debbie Little (Chairperson)
The Camping and Caravanning Club magazine.

Friday, 13 May 2016

More Pictures From Our Weekend at Thornton Hall Farm.

Last weekend we were caravanning at Thornton Hall Farm. Just down the road was the village church. The Church of Saint Mary the Virgin.
At The Church of Saint Mary the Virgin, Thornton.
We had a walk over to it and I took some pictures of the most architecturally interesting Head Stones.
At The Church of Saint Mary the Virgin, Thornton.
At The Church of Saint Mary the Virgin, Thornton.
When Stone is dust, well nearly.

At The Church of Saint Mary the Virgin, Thornton.
Someone must have liked horses.
 At The Church of Saint Mary the Virgin, Thornton.
Just a simple marker.
. At The Church of Saint Mary the Virgin, Thornton.
At The Church of Saint Mary the Virgin, Thornton.

Monday, 9 May 2016

Thornton Hall Farm.

We camped (Caravanned) on a farm which had attractions for children last weekend.
Thornton Hall Farm.
  This is my new `best friend`
Me and my new `best friend`
  More about the weekend to follow later.
My new `best friend`

Thursday, 5 May 2016

I know Dreams Are Unreal But.

Last night I had a rather strange dream, it could have been about real things, but in I guess a parallel universe.

It started in a pub, which brewed its own real ale, so could have been The Fox and Newt, but wasn`t. It was more open.

I seemed to know lots of people in there, but they weren`t my real friends.

Music started playing and I said “Oh great Floorshow, I love to dance to this”, but it wasn`t and I didn`t dance in my dream.

I went outside; it was light but the street lights were on.

I walked up a road, looking for a take-away, of which there were lots, but I didn`t go in any.

I was in a seaside town and it was it was full of Goths, so you think Whitby, but no it was flat, open and very rundown.

I was walking up the main road and there was a caravan site it was surrounded on three sides by a high wall with a wire fence to the road, a bit like the one at Seaburn, but in it was just one old car, a mk. 3 Cortina.

Now I was eating some chips, it was dark, and I was looking for my car.

At that I woke up.

Sunday, 24 April 2016

Whitby Goth Weekend And Back.

Well I went to Whitby, saw a gig and drove back home again in one night, after a day`s work. 
As daft as that sounds it was well worth it not only to see Chasing Dragons and Rhombus, who were both brilliant, but catch up with friends form further afield that I only see two or three times a year.
Chasing Dragons
And of cause on a Thursday there`s no Dresser-uppers and cosplay Goths there yet.
I did the same thing last November to see The Last Cry.
To the unbelievers this proves it, that`s me next to the bald headed chap. Thanks to Gary for his pic.

Monday, 18 April 2016

Dad 20 years.

I can`t believe it`s 20 years today since I lost my Dad.
This must have been one of the last pictures of him taken when we were on holiday together in Scotland.

I took a small bunch of flowers to his grave on the way home today.

Thursday, 14 April 2016

3 Things That Made Me

An old chap on the news said the 3 things that had “made him” were Dr Barnardo’s, The Scouts and National Service.

With me, I think it was >>>
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