Monday, 14 November 2016

Spen Valley`s Mary Poppins Special at Skipton.

Members from more than ten D.A.s / Sections flocked to Skipton to represent their group in the “Which is the Happiest D.A.” competition in Spen Valley`s Mary Poppins Special. CYDA charged home the winner thanks to Derick Wilcox.
Spen Valley`s Mary Poppins Special at Skipton
This was one of the highlights of the evening`s entertainment together with guessing the number of grains of sugar (pieces of granite really) on a giant spoon in the “Spoonful of Sugar” charity fund raiser, and prizes for the best Fancy dressed. A number of pictures of “Things that fly” had been hid around the site, these were numbered and lettered, once found the letters had to be rearranged into a phrase from the film. Only one person managed that and won the prize!
  After Mary Poppins “Left the building” The music was quite limited due to worrying electrical interference every time a light or something was turned on anywhere in the building !
We were treated to an impromptu live set from one of the campers Dora, who played some Hungarian Folk Music. A big Thank You to Dora.

I didn`t manage to write a set list as I went along, but do remember playing the following tributes:-

For missing Friday nights gig there. The Kinks – Come Dancing.
For Remembrance Day. The Lost Souls – Johnny Ain`t Coming.
For Trump. Heaven 17 – (We Don`t Need This) Fascist Groove Thang.
For Pete Burns (RIP) Dead or Alive – That`s The Way I Like It.
For Christmas. Slade – Merry X-Mas Everybody.
For not knowing when / where we will meetup again. Rhombus – Anywhere.

Sunday, 30 October 2016

I`ve Heard That Somewhere Before

You never know who is reading your posts. A couple of years back I had a good night out at a gig in a pub that brews its own beer. I had quite a bit, and when I went outside, it hit me I headed for the bus stop and had to cross a duel carriageway with shrubs in the central reservation, as I walked over them I remember thinking “Well at least I can them all in Latin.” When I got to the bus stop I posted that thought on Facebook
CAMELLIA williamsii
CEANOTHUS Blue mound
HYPERICUM Guttiferae
I have just watched an episode of Sherlock and in it Dr. Watson says to man “I am a Amy Doctor, I can break every bone in your body whilst naming them in Latin! 
Hummmm That sounded familiar …….. Wonder if one of the writers had read my post?

Friday, 28 October 2016

RIP Pete Burns

I have `copied and pasted` the following from my long term friend, and Leeds`s premier Music Promotor John Keenan. Who had known Pete for many years, in fact since 1979.

Nightmares in Wax (pic from google)

What a shock to hear that Pete Burns, of Dead or Alive, has passed away from a heart attack at the age of 57. He was a creative originator who somehow lost his way. Younger people will not realise that he was a major influence on the British post-punk scene.

The first time I booked him with his band, Nightmares in Wax, was as support to The Cramps at The Fan Club at Brannigans. With dramatic style, Pete, his wife, and the band swished into the club together; they were all dressed in black, pale faces, dyed raven hair, bleached white, chicken-bone jewellery. Heads turned, especially that of a young Andrew Eldritch, who at the time was dating Claire Shearsby, the club`s DJ: Ian Asbury was also a big fan and known to adopt similar bone and feather accessories prior to his days in The Cult. Later on, Pete went on to sport long-flowing chintz patterned clothing and wide-rimmed hats, a look that was blatantly copied and popularised by Boy George.
Both Pete and his wife were a stunningly good-looking couple. At the beginning, Pete was probably one of the most handsome guys in rock, 6 foot tall with chiselled features and lots of charisma, but he was always trying to change himself. I remember one gig at TifFANy`s, he turned up with the whole of his eyeballs black. When questioned about it, he told me that he had obtained some contact lenses intended for dogs and asked his optician to adapt them to fit his eyes. Not sure how true this was, but it showed how far he was prepared to go to be different. The mind boggles when you think of the excessive lengths he went through to alter his appearance. R.I.P. Pete, a troubled soul, but truly unique.

Although I was at many of the mentioned gigs, I never spoke to Pete, and so I couldn`t have put it that good. (Thanks John)

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Good Address for Halloween ?

Or anytime if you`re that way inclined

In Whitby UK

In Settle, North Yorkshire UK

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Weekend at Eden Camp

To say that I was disappointed with the number of people that turned up for this weekend could be the biggest understatement of the century! The trouble was that 6 mile away in the town of Pickering was a similar but much more established event, namely a 40’s weekend with camping at the showground they had over 300 caravans turn up. We had 12 And although I have nothing to do with the booking I had tried my best to promote this.
It was planned that I would do Friday and Sunday night`s entertainment, but as no one was staying to Monday both of my `nights` were compressed into one. For the first part I played sixties music at low levels, we did a quiz before seamlessly moving on to Ball Room After the Blitz, scheduled for Sunday night.
At Eden Camp
I would like to make it clear at this point, that I only use the high quality smoke fluid in my smoke machine, which is none allogeneic, despite some claiming it was upsetting their chest.
Here’s the Set list for that part of the night.

Bad Moon Rising, Creedence Clearwater Revival
Smoke and Mirrors, Dawn of Elysium
Wasteland, The Mission
London Calling, The Clash
Swords of a Thousand Men, Tenpole Tudor
Oliver’s Army, Elvis Costello
The Killing Moon, Echo and the Bunnymen
Knocking on Heaven’s Door, Bob Dylan
Where Have All the Flowers Gone, Peter, Paul and Mary
The Damage Done, The Sisters of Mercy
Stop The Cavalry, Jona Lewie
Ship Building, Elvis Costello
Sailing, Rod Stewart
Timeless and Elegant, Rhombus 
The Call Up, The Clash
Heroes, David Bowie
Johnny Ain’t Coming, The Lost Souls
Blitzkrieg Bop/Commando, The Ramones
Bomber, Motorhead
Enola Gay, O M D
Warhead, UK Subs
English Civil War, The Clash
Winds of Change, Scorpions
Give Peace A Chance, John Lennon
Do You Believe in Angels, The Last Dance.
At Eden Camp
It`s always nice when you FB messages from people saying how much they had enjoyed themselves, just a pity more had not turned up.
At Eden Camp
Eden Camp is a modern museum about WW2 set in a prisoner of war camp in North Yorkshire. For more details see their website

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

The Near Dark Tour Came to Leeds

The Near Dark Over Europe Tour was as it says on the tin a tour of Europe by three bands, namely The Last Cry, The Last Dance and Strap On Halo and a DJ, Martin Oldgoth with a few more equally important people in the back ground. The last night was in my home town Leeds and was hosted by my regular Goth club Carpe Noctum.
Tour Poster
As soon as this had been announced months ago I had bought my ticket fearing a sell-out gig, which it wasn`t far from. The 18th of September has been a bad day for me as it is the anniversary of my mother`s death, however on refection I am sure she would have not minded me going out and partying.
Their Tour Bus (Their pic)
So I arrived at the club in good time and was greeted by Howard (The Promotor) outside, once in Viv, Clare and Ade were on door duties. Having been duly stamped I went upstairs and before calling at the bar I first went to the Merchandize table and got the new CD by The Last Cry from Bridget. Next I had a quick chat with Martin, and then I got a drink which had gone up 40 pence a pint in the last 2 weeks!
Strap On Halo
It was always going to be one of those nights were everyone who`s anyone in the scene would be there and it was! I`m not going to try and list all my friends who were there, but just to say it`s always good to see people who I only see once or twice a year.
Strap On Halo opened, the only band I hadn`t seen before, but soon found I liked them.

The Last Dance
The Last Dance had the middle spot, Jeff Diehm making a point of telling us this. I like their music, I also like the way Jeff talks to us in-between the songs, something not many Goth bands do. As always they saved the best for last “Do You Believe In Angels” we did.

Jeff Diehm, The Last Dance
  The Last Cry Headlined and opened with Goodbye, and played most of their new album with classics from Living In Grey mixed in. A great set from one of my favourite bands.
The Last Cry
Despite the fact it was Sunday and I had work at 8 O` clock in the morning I waited for it to be Martin`s turn to DJ and managed just a couple of dances before `doing` the goodbyes and heading home. This night will be remembered for a long time.

Monday, 26 September 2016

Spen Valley at Eden Camp Museum.

Our Caravanning group (Spen Valley) are going to have a long weekend at a `Living` War Museum.

Eden Camp Museum
Although Chris and I are not running the event, but we are `doing` the entertainment on two of the nights, this is what we have got planed so far. (Here are some of my Facebook adverts as well)
You need to be members of The Camping and Caravanning Club to stay.
Ever wondered what it would be like to, live in a prisoner of war camp or be part of Dad`s Army? Now`s your chance….. Join Spen Valley and let your hosts, `Captain` Richard `Mainwaring` and `Dame Vera` Marion lead you though a long weekend of 1940`s nostalgia in this ‘’living” Museum making it a treat to remember war time rations, black outs and communal sing-a-longs. 
It`s £12.00 per unit night, but this includes entrance into the museum, which is normally £7.00 per adult. So this is great value!!! And although we have negotiated an extra nights camping. We must all be off site by 12.00 noon Monday
The Hut last time
We will have one of the huts for all 3 nights, Richard and Marion will be running Saturday night event, but they seem to be keeping secret what they are actually doing It does involve a 1940`s type buffet supper, and I guess bingo and a quiz.
Rendezvous and Relax poster
On Friday Chris and mine opening night is billed as “Rendezvous and Relax”, where people will just settle in and meet friends, old and new. It will be quite casual~ back ground music and may be a quiz (Or not)
Songs That War Taught Us poster
Sunday Night and we will be presenting under the Club night name of “Ballroom After The Blitz” Songs That War Taught Us, Songs that have being influenced by a hundred years of War and Peace, which really can cover just about everything I guess, but I`m thinking towards songs like; Knocking On Heavens Door (Bob Dylan), The Call Up (The Clash), Oliver’s Army (Elvis Costello) and of course my mates The Lost Souls~ Johnny Ain’t Coming  
Eden Camp Museum is at Malton, Pickering, North Yorkshire (UK) From the A64 north of York, take the A169 and follow brown tourist signs. Post code YO17 6RT. And runs from 16th to 18th October 2016.
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