Tuesday, 23 October 2018

The Greatest Lines From Songs. (UPDATED)

This is of course a personal list and does not necessarily mean that these songs are my all-time favorites. It is about single lines from songs and what they mean to me, which may or may not be in a way they were written as / for. 
Hall of Fame, pic not mine.

The Eagles ~ The Last Resort (1976)
“You call some place paradise, kiss it goodbye”
I first related to this when we were at a campsite that was closing down, so we could not return to again.

Sex Pistols ~ Wanna Be Me (1977)
“This is brain wash and this is a clue”
I use when people, companies or governments are trying to tell me some bullshit.

The Sisters of Mercy ~ Floorshow (1981)
“Mundane by day, inane at night”
I have changed this to “Granddad by day, Eldergoth at night” and basically it is me.

The Kinks ~ Come Dancing (1982)
“They put a parking lot on the peace of land, where the supermarket used to stand.
Before that they put up a bowling alley, on the site that used to be the local Pally.”
The last record I played as DJ on the last night at The Fforde Green Pub, before it closed down to become a Pool hall.

Byronic Sex & Exile ~ Crime Of Passion (2018)
“A question of balance with good intended and evil done.”
I just love this line from Joel, sums up most things I do.

Thursday, 18 October 2018

Loitering in A Public Convenience ?

Way back when I first started working for myself, an elderly friend said “It will be like Gardeners World” well on Monday; it was more like Fawlty Towers 
Kettlewell`s Public Conveniences Pic not mine.
 I was working in a small village right up in the Dales, there was nobody at the house and I needed some water for the weed killer. No working outside tap. I had two options, 1. Get some from the river, I could see what could go wrong there!! Or 2. Go to the public toilets just down the road.
Kettlewell. Pic not mine.
 I chose the latter. I guessed that my sprayer would not fit in the sinks, so I set off with a plastic tub as well. I a few tourists gave me strange looks but that`s their problem. Outside was a tap and trough for people to wash their muddy boots in, “great”…. But no top on the tap and I wasn`t going back for my grips, so inside I went…… 
No sinks, just them holes in the wall with fully automatic wash, dry things.
Going to need some bigger weedkiller.
I put the box in and waved my hand to start the water….. It was hot and soapy Areee. 
It stopped, next thing Whoosh the air dryer started and the water flew out. I pulled the box out and tipped the remains into my sprayer.
As the dryer was still going I then put the box in the next one. And continued like that for about a dozen or more goes until I had the sprayer full.
20 minutes later I came out hoping no one had noticed how long I had been in there. 
Pic not mine.
This is another one where I say “That never happens to TV Gardeners”
And that is why I was Loitering in the Public Conveniences on Monday

Saturday, 13 October 2018

Goth City Festival 2018 Opening Ceremony

The opening night of the 2018 Goth City Festival was held at The Wharf Chambers venue in Leeds city center this meant a bus ride for me. A few weeks ago I went for a bus and it never turned up, after half an hour of waiting at the bus stop I was frozen and went home. Luckily no problem this time, that is to say the bus came bang on time, but the driver really needed anger management lessons, he was tail-gating cars in the 30 zone, flashing his head lights in a menacing way and generally been an idiot. Finally we arrived in town and a short walk to the venue got me there in plenty of time, I got a drink at the bar and went to see Joel to get my Festival ticket, which gets me in all the events of the week.
Back to the bar area and I met Andy from Rhombus and his partner Kathryn. We sat outside till the first band started, Seventh Harmonic who had a singer, electric drummer, who switched to an Irish Bodhran drum for some songs and a bass player, who played by plucking and with a bow.  Fantastic.
Seventh Harmonic at Goth City Festival 2018
 After their set we went back outside to try and cool off, and were met by a lot more friends.
Next up were Dyonisis, from Sheffield, Singer, Drummer, Bass and Lead guitarists. A quite different sound from Seventh Harmonic but also very good.
Dyonisis at Goth City Festival 2018
 Once again back to the bar and outside for air, but not for long Inkubus Sukkubus were the nights headliners and I love them. Songs I remember included Goats and their cover of The Stones classic Paint It Black. 
Inkubus Sukkubus at Goth City Festival 2018

Sadly I ran out of time before they finished and had to leave for the last bus. But back on Sunday afternoon for a Gothic / Craft Market.
Go to Goth City Promotions Facebook page for more information on the remaining dates and gigs of the festival >>>


It seems my dancing got on film at the 41 Years of The F club celebration

Thanks to Martin of Slim Chance Productions, Check his work on You Tube.

Wednesday, 10 October 2018

Sacrosanct 2018

Once again this was a brilliant weekend, however my phone was been awkward so I can not show any pictures.
Here is a list of bands that played;
Sacrosanct  poster

Sorry for the short post.

Monday, 20 August 2018

I Died Having An Endoscopy.

It all started when the Doctor on BBC Radio two said “If you have a sore throat for more than 3 weeks go see your GP and get it checked out, it might be throat cancer” Eventfully I did. But she seemed more obsessed with my stomach sending me for blood and stool tests, a chest X-ray and an endoscopy.
I gave my blood and poo, went for the X-ray and got my appointment for the endoscopy followed by a confirmation letter with ALL the details, I spent 3 nights on Google looking up things I didn`t understand, all the risks and a 1,000 more questions, like why are they looking in my stomach when it`s my throat that`s sore? 
Pic from Google, of an endoscopy room.
 In the hottest and driest summer ever, they wanted me to fast from 8.00AM on the day of my endoscopy ~~ that wasn`t going to happen, I rang the hospital and eventually spoke to a nurse who said “I could sip water till 4 hours before my appointment” ~~ I continued till I left home for the one hour bus journey.
With my wife been away and no one with me I could not have a general anaesthetic. When I talked to the Consultant about my concerns of the risks, how my hay fever stopped me breathing though my nose, how dry I was feeling and the fact it was my throat I wanted looking at, he offered to `do` it without even the numbing spray.
In the room they laid me down on the table, put the outer tube in my month, and then without warning dropped down the pillow under my head making me nearly choke on it! The nurse had to pull it out quickly and try again.
When he put the camera in then I closed my eyes and I felt it push against the back of my throat, I could not breath, I began gagging and my whole body started jumping, I felt the other nurse try to hold me down, and the last thing I remember was the first nurse shouting “KEEP BREATHING”  “KEEP BREATHING”  “BREATH” Everything went black, The tubes were pulled out I felt a thud in my chest and an even bigger one in the top of my head, then the worst headache I’ve ever known. I sat up gasping for air, the bottom nurse said “It`s over” 
The Xlerators Playing Kill The Pain, They did.
 After a while I was removed to Recovery, I drunk a litre of water that I had taken with me, they gave me a cup of coffee and some chocolate bars. Half an hour later they let me out. I left the Hospital, crossed the road and went in to The George Pub. That was the best pint I have ever had!
I got the bus home, had a take- away and two more coffees, then got washed and changed I needed loud music and beer ! I went to see my friends Punk, band The Xlerators. It was the only way to end what otherwise had been a really shit day.
The endoscopy picture of my throat.

Over the next few weeks, I went back to my Doctors, and then to an E.N.T. specialist who examined my throat and month.
Finally I asked him “Is it throat cancer?” they will never say no, but he did say “It`s highly unlikely” …… I’ll take that.

Sunday, 19 August 2018

41 Years of The F club

The F Club
 On Saturday 18th August 2018.  in Leeds we celebrated forty-one years of The F Club. 
The F Club  Poster 
 Started by now legendry Leeds Promotor John F. Keenan, who was the first Promotor to bring not only Punk but New wave, New romantic and Goth (Including the first ever 2 Sisters gigs) to the city in a regular twice weekly club. 
The presentation and  thanks to John (On right)
 Over the years the Club moved from venue to venue around Leeds and Bradford, most of which is well (and sometimes not so well) documented around the internet.
The Wharf Street Galaxy Band;
 Poets and bands preformed and a heart-warming presentation was made to John by two of the original members. 
The Xlerators (More on these will follow)

The Greatest Lines From Songs. (UPDATED)

This is of course a personal list and does not necessarily mean that these songs are my all-time favorites . It is about single lines from...