Thursday, 12 January 2012

1st Edition. March 2007 Dog Poo.

It's my first go at this, so let’s do the yucky stuff first. Dog poo, as a Gardener I know the horror only to well of running a mower, or worse a strimmer though Dog poo. So my golden rule is, “If the grass is cut, then pick it up” I try to do this anywhere, not just on campsites. But out in the wilds in unkept moorland I leave it for the wildlife because it can be of greater value to the environment,

Dogs which are regularly wormed and have their boosters and are checked by a vet yearly are very unlikely to have the Toxocara canis virus in its poo.
However it will contain all the usual array of common bacteria e.g. Salmonella, Staphylococcus, Escherichia coli and also a similar number of good bacteria, which play an important role in the environment.
When we pick up our Dog's poo, we usually use plastic bags. Some types of plastic are believed to take up to 400 years to bio-degrade, and this has the effect of insulating the useful bacteria from the rest of the materials in the landfill site, or elsewhere.
Remember that a discarded carrier bag, if eaten by a cow, can strangle the cow’s intestines, killing it! If, however it's left out to the weather the component elements will be leached away into the soil, were micro -organisms and worms will make use of the vitamins and minerals.
Plants will also take up nitrogen etc. enabling the plant to grow, providing food for animals. At this point we will remember the poor cow, which choked on the plastic bag.

I hope to have a more pleasant subject next time,

Happy and clean camping App’y

© March 2007

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