Sunday, 15 January 2012

Bad things come in 3’s April 2010

As always April is a busy time for me. It’s the year end for work and I have to get my paper work ready for the Accountant. My printer has been playing-up, just when I need it for my spread sheets to become Sales and Purchase Ledgers. Check all the receipts are in order, cross numbered and stapled together in tens.
They say bad things go in threes, most of you will know we had to change Chris’s car. And I must say “Good riddance to bad rubbish” If that’s British workmanship no wonder most of the car industry has gone. I still think we have the best Bear, Cheese and Meat in the world though! Then the Boiler broke down! And (hopefully) finally we had a leak in the caravan bathroom sink tap.
Don’t forget to get your sponsor from for the Search and Decoy Duck Hunt at Sutton Forest in July.
Happy camping App’y

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