Saturday, 14 January 2012

‘Bin strike, Imagine No Processions November 2009

For me the real issue in the news at the moment is the Leeds ‘Bin strike. My working life is at best dominated by finding legal ways to dispose of waste. To add to that now for whatever pig-headed reasons on both sides Leeds is getting ever-deeper covered in rubbish ! No side can win in a situation like this, there are only losers and I seem to be one of them ! Usually I loosely fill the brown bins in an average garden each fortnight, so when I return they have been empted, but if they haven’t been I can still usually get more in especially as it will have naturally decomposed a bit. But with no plans to collect the brown bins they are just getting heavier, or will no longer go down anymore. Which also means that they are now so heavier that no one will be able to move them.
I’m glad it’s soon Bonfire night and I can take woody stuff down to Esholt.
Whilst on the subject of wheelie-bins I’ve had an article called "Imagine No Processions" in the App’y Talking archive for a while and I think this is a good time to bring it out and publish it.

"Imagine NoProcessions"

John Lennon died before we had wheelie bins. If you look at your wheelie bin it will have endorsed on it "Property of Leeds City Council", or Bradford etc. It is provided by the local authority, for the use of collecting rubbish. It is not the householder’s property.
I always have to laugh at the people, who wait for the dustbin lorry to move to next door, and almost run out to collect their bin and take it safely away around the back of their house. Worse still are the Hardware stores selling numbers, for people to label the things with.
Had John Lennon lived to see wheelie bins, when he wrote the words "Imagine No Processions" I wonder if he would of been referring to the people who think they are theirs, or the Council, who seem to have lost them.

So when we’re camping if anyone from “out of Leeds” would like to take MY rubbish home ?

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