Saturday, 14 January 2012

Carnforth Holiday Site Report 2008

I don’t want a holiday in the Sun,
I want to go to the new Morecombe,
‘Cos I want to see some History,
Now I’ve got a reason of Marine Ecology. (Sorry Johnny)

After leaving the A6 thoughts turned to Belper as we squeezed our way through the narrow back streets of Carnforth, dodging parked cars and falling bricks until we were back in open countryside again. Around a bend the reassuring sight of the Spen arrow told us we were almost there, but as I turned into the farm lane memories of Goathland’s drive came flooding back.

Did I say FLOOD! It’s not often we have a field with a water feature! The top half was well drained, firm and punctuated with sheep droppings we pitched and sat down to a nice cup of tea. Chris had a lovely view of the tide coming in and across the bay to Morecombe; I looked out on to the sewerage works

Holly and Trigger were keen to explore the foreshore so we donned welly boots and picked our way over what seemed to be the farmer’s tip, witch amongst the other rubbish contained corrugated (brown) asbestos. The path leads on to a squeeze gate and stile, straggling the out fall from the sewerage works~ no wonder there were so many cockles in Morecombe Bay.

The next day we met a couple that had only come from Fleetwood.

A short car away was Leapers Rock Orchard. A “pick your own” Fruit farm, the plums were fantastic

Sunday morning and we were treated to the sounds, if not sights of the local Stock car racing track from just over the river

The whole idea of our holiday was to rest and with no evening activates planned we managed to do that

Other campers may have different views on this holiday; hopefully they will also submit them to Spen ‘n’ Ink

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