Saturday, 14 January 2012

Crying wolf May 2009

Here’s a modern twist on an ancient parable. I have a mate whose name I shall not mention who keeps sending me jokes by text. So many in fact, that when my phone bleeps an incoming text massage and it’s from him I have a quick look and think “I’ll read that later” Now here comes the crunch, one day it bleeped, I looked, saw it was from him, thought “It’s a joke” and ignored it. When it kept on bleeping I still ignored it. That night I found out that my mate had been on a roof and his ladder had fallen, knowing I was quiet close by he was ringing me for help. Crying wolf anyone ?

Did you see on Calendar the other week that some students in York had done a 30 second film, which was a remake of Forest Gump? Now it appears that some of you missed this years AGM. So here in Forest Gump style is a 30 second remake of it.


Someone had died ~ we stood up.
Brian’s no Kitchen ~ He’s living in his ‘van.
Neil’s Happy ~ He’s doing another year.
Richard spent some money ~ He’s Sad.
I’m doing another Solstice Festival ~ Hope you’ll come.
Region wants us to buy gas in smaller Bottles ~ But it costs more.
Spen ‘n’ Ink lost money ~ Price will go up
Last years sites were ~ Lovely, Wet & Lovely or Cancelled & Lovely.
More “Thank yous” ~ than at the Oscars.
We ate a sandwich; Neil played YMCA type songs,
We went home.

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