Saturday, 14 January 2012

Daze Of Summer Laze October 2008

Not everyone wanted the hustle and bustle of the national, so with this in mind we had the “Daze Of Summer Laze” meet as a quite alternative as a THS at Carnforth. Marsh House Farm was a new site to Spen and it had a mixed reaction ( See Carnforth Holiday Site Report) The weather was good for this anyway.

What had originally been planed as a follow on meet for the National Feast of Lenten’s, turned out to be a pre meet to the Motor caravan show at Pickering. Hutton-le-Hole must be one of Briton’s most enchanting villages, and one of my favourite sites that we use

Did you hear on the news that two new types of mushroom have been discovered in England this year, they think that the spores have always been here but the extra wet August made it the ideal conditions for them to grow. Pity the same could not be said for camping!

This edition of Spen `n` Ink will take us up to the end of the year, but before then we still have some great meets to go. Get dressed up for The Autumn Ball at Copley, the theme is
Gypsy’s, Tramps & Thieves. Then there is Halloween at Rufforth, Bonfire at Esholt and Last Meet at Skipton.

Every time we go to Skipton we always buy a new bed for Holly or Trigger! The man on the stall even give us discount now. Also we refill our freezer with meet, from that big van on the market on Saturday

If you use a lot of Toilet Fluid, or 2 or 3 of you want to get together then why not go round to Laycocks at the back of the market and buy a 25-kilo keg of Formaldehyde. That amount will cost less than two litres at a caravan shop, but it is not blue and as no perfume in it. I did, and it lasted me about 5 years so far.

Happy camping, App’y

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