Thursday, 12 January 2012

Driving on wet turf, August 2007

Firstly I’d like to thank everyone who braved the wet and a last minute change of venue to come to my do. I had not met Brain, who did the music for us before, but thanks. I’m sure everybody enjoyed themselves.

So with all this wet weather, the ground conditions have suffered and this may be a timely (or a bit too late) reminder for a few tips on driving on wet turf.

Firstly please remember that the landowner may rely on the land as an income.

If the ground is very wet and already rutted, then it is wise to treat the situation as “Full off road” So before leaving the tarmac, get out of your car and look on foot. Plan your route around the worst dangers.

If you think it is going to be too bad for your unit, ask for help BEFORE you get stuck. Remember we are the friendly club.

Chose a gear, which will provide enough power, so’s not to stall the engine at a low speed but without causing wheel spin.

Never turn sharply, this can cause the front wheels to “Cross plane” ~skimming of the grass top off or even “Aqua plane” in with case you may not turn! And Never ever turn the wheels when stationary.

Try to do everything more gently and slowly, e.g. No sudden or hard braking.

Even regular field campers will only drive less than one percent of their total mileage off road, and even 4x4’s will almost certainly be fitted with road tyres. These are designed to grip tarmac and dispel water whilst cruising quietly at high speeds. The treads are not “cut” to empty out mud at low speeds. As soon as they have done a couple of rotations they will be caked up and have little grip.

Happy and safe camping App’y

© August 2007

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