Saturday, 14 January 2012

Esholt In The Dark 2009

I always plan to cut most of the hedges in late October and early November so that I can take the wood down to Esholt for Spen’s annual group Bonfire. Three years ago there must have been two hundred people around the fire at one point, last year there were less and this year I don’t think we had twenty.
After taking another load of wood down on Thursday night I was disappointed to find that the bar in the club was not open. At least I could get an early start on Friday; so by Friday lunchtime Chris and I were back with the sixth load. Richard, Eric and Brian had been working all morning building the fire, but by now it was not just the skies that were looking glum, we had only got a few ‘vans on site.
All afternoon it rained, Chris went home to dry off whilst I took the seventh load to Richard and co. half past four and only fourteen units on site yet ! It was now pitch black.
Saturday, starts with a trip to my allotment to gather any thing to burn, and a tidy-up in our own garden. The final load is topped up with help from Jenny, next door.
Six thirty PM, whist I report for duty to Richard, Chris goes upstairs to help Marion and the others with the kitchen and raffle. After checking with the DA Chairman (Brian) a small child is selected to Ceremoniously Light the fire.
One of the provisos of having the fire at the sports club is that there are to be no nails in any wood we burn, which in effect means all the wood is green thus does not burn well!
A lot of “Fire management” was crafted by Richard, Eric and myself to ensure a safe yet good show was maintained, although as I said at the beginning with such a poor turn out I really wondered why we bothered
Latter Brian and Judith did the firework display, once again a brilliant, well-timed show! And from were I was, back at the fire I had a good view?
When the fire had burned down to a safe level we adjourned to the bar. The “Girls” had prepared the Pie and Peas and the raffle was called.
All in all a good night, but a lot of work for so few to watch. So why has the attendance dropped ? Are we wasting our time ? May be “The winds of Change” are ready to blow and it is time to find another venue for the Group’s bonfire ? It would be a shame to move when there are willing stewards and helpers. Is it really just A SHOT IN THE DARK ?

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