Sunday, 15 January 2012

Holly on her own and Records not for riots October 2011

As those of you who camped at Cononley or Kettlewell will know, now that Holly is on her own she cannot stand been left alone and cries, I sure that had it been me who had died, not Trigger Holly would not of missed me as much. She and Trigger spent thirteen years not just together like a married couple when one or both partner goes out to work for eight hours a day, but they were never more than twelve feet apart. EVER ! Before we got them they had been in the same room (kennel) at Tia for two years, and when with us they were quite happy to be left and seldom made a sound. I now take her to work with me when Chris is working. She has made friends with a lot of my clients and loves the bigger gardens, so the next time Peter is in the Washburn Valley it might be Holly he photos cutting the lawns ! (See Peter’s Walks July 2011)
On a lighter note, there was a young DJ on one of the tea-time quizzes on TV the other day, who failed to know the answer to the question “Who sang My Ding a Ling” His defence was that the song was “Before his time” That may have been true but as I remarked to Chris that was a record he should of known as it is a good one to keep handy to use in a situation where you need to calm things down quickly. Others are Nelly the Elephant or The Chipmunks Jingle Bells. Ones not to use include The Sweet’s Ballroom Blitz, Kaiser Chiefs I
Predict a Riot, The clash’s White Riot, in fact when troubles in the air you’re best avoiding anything by The clash, The’ Pistols or The Damned with the exception of the Damned’s Captain Sensible’s version of Happy Talk - which incidentally is where the idea for the name of this column came from!
Happy, or App’y ? Camping App’y

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