Saturday, 28 January 2012

January Trees and Snowdrops

Well it’s the last weekend in January so I’m doing a quick round up of the month.
At home Chris broke her ankle on the 6th and has it in pot, so I’m doing the housework for her. It’s a good job that it happened at this time of the year, when I’m quite at work.
In fact work wise it’s been terrible although the weather wasn’t that bad for Jan. there’s not much to do even in the bigger gardens and a lot of the smaller ones are still asleep for winter. I’ve been doing a lot of Power Washing and there’s still fallen leafs to be cleared away in some places. That and a couple of hedges still to cut.
We’ve ordered a “Batty” tee-shirt from Gothlings for our grandson, and Chris has been busy knitting something for him but we’re keeping it secret from his mum and dad till we go and see them next month.

I’ve put in two photos of the Wild Snowdrops that grow on a cliff face overlooking the River Washburn in North Yorkshire, they always manage to flower and seem to be hanging on for dear life !
I love the trees at this time of year, with their bare stature set against the low winter sun. It’s also the only time I can look at trees without thinking “There’s all them leafs to come down !”

Ask for more photos

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