Sunday, 15 January 2012

London riots August 2010

At time of writing this (11th August) there is only one story the riots, firstly I must congratulate Radio two’s Paddy O’Connell for playing The Clash’s White Riot, on Tuesday. Very soothing!
The main debate of the program was why it happening? Well I can’t start to answer that, but all this inner-city trouble makes me want to get out camping even more, not that I think there will be riots near home.

The last nation-wide serous riots were in 1981, I remember they coincided with the Rock band Rainbow touring and I had tickets for the Leeds date and no-way was I going to miss it despite my mother’s worry I went. That was the night that the riots did spread to Leeds. Chapeltown Road as you’d expect, three mile away from the city centre and I knew nothing about them until I got home and found my parents still up and worked-up.

Rainbow were one of the loudest bands of the eighties, at the end of the drum solo Richie Blackmore turned around and hit a twelve foot Greek Gong with a hammer, the speaker stacks either side of the stage were the size of double-decker buses. I was stood about three-quarters of the way down the hall but as he hit the Gong you could feel the sound waft over your face and as it hit the back wall it rebounded and you felt it hit back of your head! After that night my ears rang for three days, maybe that was the start of my tinnitus?

Although I just said I think we’re save from riots where I live but, apparently we’re not save from the consequences, on Friday I went to the petrol station I was greeted with a sign saying “No fuel will be sold in jerry or petrol cans” I had to go into the shop and plead my case as a Professional Gardener needing the cans filed for use in the mowers etc.

Happy camping App’y

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