Friday, 13 January 2012

Missing Drains February 2008

A New Year, and fortunately Spen “n” Ink, as found new editors. Once again a big “thank you” to Mike for all those years and also thank you to Debbie and the girls, for keeping this part of our DA alive.

Now the bad news, if you were at the AGM you’ll know that Guinness are not interested in our Camping Pennons Record attempt, and how disappointed I was.

However, as I have had such a positive response from all other quarters, I feel that the show must go on! It’s just not going to be a Guinness Record. If you are coming Please bring any pennons you have, or can borrow for the weekend. If you can help, please give me a ring.

The Pennon Display is only one of the many activities planed for Easter, there are the BBQ Bacon Butties, the Handy Craft Competition, the Children’s Bunny Hunting and not forgetting the Egg Throwing.

Of coarse Easter is not Spen’s first meet of the year; we start at Lockside on Friday the 14th March

So with a new season nearly upon us it’s time to start checking the ‘van. Do we really need to take seventeen cups? and don’t forget the can opener ect.

I know most sensible campers always try to look after their tyres. However I came across something quiet frightening the other day as I was driving over Askwith Moor. The week before I had noticed cones on the roadside over the drains, only now that the wind had moved some of them I could see that the actual metal grates were missing. These had apparently been stolen, for scrap. Imaging if a caravan wheel where to go down that!

By now our web site should be up and running try it at

Happy surfing, and camping. App’y

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