Saturday, 14 January 2012

My kettle IMPLODED, October 2007

This month’s talking is more like a ramble, but here goes anyway

After a somewhat interesting journey to Goathland we had a double warm welcome firstly from Ivan, the site owner and then from Richard and Marion who were stewarding, This welcome latter turned into a party and continued right up to the eleven “O” clock curfew. Unfortunately there were not many Spen member’s there. But many new friends were made from other D.A.s. We also had a lot of enquires for future years THSs with Spen

A rather strange thing happened to me. My kettle IMPLODED! I’d just boiled it and filled the teapot, when Betty and Judith called so I put the hot kettle under the tap and refilled it with cold water ~WOW~ a loud POP! And the top and bottom of the kettle were sucked in. It now only holds about two thirds as much as before!

Another disappointing turnout at Bolton Abby, and then I had to go back to work after I’d dropped Chris off. However sometimes small is beautiful and a good time was had by all.

Well done and thank you to Peter, June for winning the Feast of Lenten’s. Hopefully I won’t get so much stick now! I think Brian and Judith’s show is worthy of special mention. I certainly loved it, although toilet humour can be taken too far. I’ve heard that Wilf as gone into hiding and he may even have to change his mode of camping.

As this goes to print I’ll be starting to take wood down to Esholt for the bonfire. So don’t forget to order you pie and peas. Let’s hope for good weather for it

Have a good and safe bonfire and
Happy camping, App’y

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