Saturday, 14 January 2012

Never happens on TV. September 2010.

Thanks to those who joined us and a lot of none Spen members for the Camperama Festival week-end. Those who were there all seemed to enjoy it. There should be some pictures in the Club Magazine in a few months’ time. Once again Peter took on the role of auctioneer and managed to rise just short of sixty quid, a similar amount was also made from the games. I think there is a full report elsewhere in here.

Last time I finished with the words “That never happened to Alan Titchmarsh!” Here is something else to go in that folder.
I was at one of my larger gardens just off the A59, having my 10 O’ clock break when I saw out of the corner of my eye a man walking up the drive (there are electric gates which were closed. I jumped out of my car and shouted at him “Who are you?” he replied “POLICE, who are you?” I responded equally “Gardener what’s up?” There were now two of them and I don’t think he was pleased to see me, but he had a lump in his trousers they were from Menwith Hill (ATG) he told me that they were responding to a personal attack alarm going off. This is when things started to go wrong when I started to explain “No alarm has gone off, “I did set an alarm off about three weeks ago” I just managed to stop myself from saying “Have you just got here” Instead I went on “the house is empty he went away in a chauffeur driven car about 8:45. We have cameras and infer-red beams, but I don’t think there are any personal attack alarms” They contacted their HQ who in turn contacted the private security company and they confirmed there was no one inside and it must be a fault. As I said at the beginning that never happens on TV.

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