Sunday, 15 January 2012

Offside rule & Worried sick March 2010

Firstly on the behalf of the Dogs at TiA Greyhound Rescue, I’d like to thank all who gave and helped with last year’s charity taking the total (with a late donation) to £547.92 THANK YOU.

A sports commentator has been fired for a sexist remark about women not knowing the Offside rule. As we are camping at a number of football grounds this year to save any embarrassment I will try to explain it. (In my way) Firstly pitch your unit with the tow ball over the pitch marker peg. Your awing naturally goes on the side whitch is next to the kerb when travelling THE NEARSIDE. Then your car is parked at the side of the caravan which when travelling is away or off the kerb THE OFFSIDE. There even a footballer could do it.

I’ve often heard the expression “Worried sick” but the other week I saw someone who really was. I have a client, who is half Egyptian. His son, Daughter in law and Grand children were still in Alexandra. When I saw him he looked as if he had really bed flu. He told me that their factory was closed and boarded-up, against looters and that his family were stuck inside their villa with twenty armed men sat outside to protect them. He’s always complaining about our weather, but right now I think he’s glad to be in England’s rain, snow or whatever!

So that’s something to think about the next time a camper-van gets stuck in the mud.
Happy camping

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