Saturday, 14 January 2012

Old photos March 2009

Once again the email gremlins seem to have stuck between me and Neil, and the last edition of App’y Talking never reached the Spen ‘n’ Ink deck. So (Hopefully) this time you’ll get two for the price of one. Which is a timely reminder Spen ‘n’ Ink subs are now due (March/ April)

During the recent bad weather I’ve spent a lot of time scanning old photos into the computer, and on to discs. It’s interesting to look back on the past. Most photos are taken at happy events and are full of good memories. But some of those haircuts and clothes ! Photos from twenty to thirty years ago take me back to a completely different world. To a time when Fords were cool, they must have been back then. The Sweeny used Ford Consul GTs Bodie and Doyle drove Capri 2.8is in The Professionals as did Dennis waterman in Minder, Oh and I drove an Escort Ghia then a Sierra. Broth these cars served me well and will not have anything said bad about them. That was then and this is now, The top-flight TV Cop’ers use Lexus, Audis and “Scubis” now a days and nothing less than a Ferrari or an Aston Martin will do for the “A” list celebrities and we have better haircuts !

Have you ever wondered where the TV writers get their ideas from, well I think I know where Matt Groening got his idea for one scene in the Simpsons from, you know the one, where Marg shouts “Homer You’re dropping grass everywhere”---Can you guess ? ---- I think that came from one of us at Carnforth !

The new season is nearly upon us now, lets hope for good weather. We certainly don’t want the snow at Leyburn like last year ! I can hardly wait for Brian’s Bacon sandwiches, but there again I never can resist a bacon sandwich

Talking of snow whilst I’ve been writing this (in February) an other inch of the dam stuff as fallen. You might not see much of me camping, if I don’t soon start earning some money

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