Saturday, 14 January 2012

Orange Coats and begging letter. January 2010

Trigger and Holly with Orange Coat

We all saw the resent floods in Cumbria and the great devastation that they coursed, especially to the bridges ! A couple of days later the news showed two vans driving over a bridge that was allegedly closed ! A witness claimed in their defence that the workmen on the bridge had “Waved them through” maybe because the vans had the words “Maintenance” written on them. This seems to be a perfectly good and realistic expiration.
My point been that, the day before, when it had been raining on and off all morning I was going to my next call (still wearing my rain coat, which happens to be bright orange) There were road works all along the street with traffic cones all over the place, so I just indicated that I was going to pull-in and a work-man waved me in to park in-between them !
However in the interests of fairness ~Not that Spen ‘n’ Ink is the BBC~ the other side of the coin is that at the weekend my darling wife ~She who must be obeyed~ etc. Without the use of any High Vis Safety gear drove straight though a “Road Closed” sign !
It could only happen to me ! The other day I received a “begging letter” from the RSPCA, their latest campaign is “The big feed for Christmas” and they were asking for thirty-four pounds to feed all the dogs in one home for one day. Now I’m quiet happy to feed the dogs, but I know that if I were to send a cheque for £34.00 to a big charity most of it would be swallowed up by administration expenses and huge salaries for accountants etc. with only a small portion actually getting to the animals. So rather than doing that I decided to buy a couple of 15 kilo bags the next time we went to a wholesaler and take it straight to the RSPCA in Leeds. So far, so good ! The trouble was, having got the two big bags of dog food we set off through the back streets of Leeds to where I had last seen the RSPCA, only to find it had been demolished years ago. After searching the Internet I found that the nearest RSPCA is now in Manchester or Halifax ! We ended up taking the food to the Dog Trust on York road instead !

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