Sunday, 15 January 2012

Peter’s walks July 2010

The other day I met Peter going on one of his walks, we stopped and talked for a while and we both agreed what a good day it was, not to hot and not to windy. Blue skies with high fluffy clouds. The hills shone in the sunlight, the heather promising to open, the grass was lush with the young lambs running around. And what a beautiful part of the world to be in! In my view the Yorkshire Dales take some beating! It’s really great to be outside on days like that. This is why the Club came up the slogan “Get Rich Quick” with Camping, to encourage people to get out and about. As we parted Peter went on his way I realised that I was SLOWLY getting richer that day…..I was at WORK! And I thought “Yes I am lucky, I am in a beautiful part of the world on a really good day AND I’M GETTING PAID FOR IT! Oh well I don’t need to go camping then! Later when Peter came back he took a photo of me cutting the outside verge, just to prove that I do work.
However whilst at Cherry Tree Farm I took the opportunity to have a good rest and I read a whole paperback book. I know this is not much to most, but it was only the fifth non text book that I have ever read.
On the Monday before we went to Nawton we took Trigger to the Vets; the lump on his front leg is a Bone tumour. We do not know if it is either
benign or malignant.
If you are going to Sutton Forest I am still short of Jam jars or similar for the Candle light Woodland Walk, if you could help and bring some it would be a big help.

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