Sunday, 15 January 2012

Scorpions and Reporters

October 2010

Something different this time, here is a question.

“What is the difference between a Scorpion and a Reporter ?”

Case one. A Scorpion met a toad by a big river. The scorpion said to the toad “I have to get across this river, will you carry me on your back ?” the toad replied “No way, you are a scorpion you will sting and kill me !” The scorpion explained “If I kill you in the water, then I will also die. I’m a scorpion, I cannot swim ! you will be safe” So the toad let the scorpion on his back and started to swim across the river, they got about half way to the other side when the scorpion brought his tail over his head and stung the toad ! The toad cried “Why have you done that ? I am going to die and so will you” the scorpion replied “I know, but I’M A SCORPION”

Case Two. In 1993 I was working at Quarry House, in Leeds~ the DSS Head Office one day a high profile minister from London came up for a meeting and all the Press were outside. I finished at half past three and was heading home. When I got down to the foyer all the reporters were outside, posed ready to try to get a photo of the minister coming out. It would of easy for me just to walk past them and go on my way, but I wasn’t one to do anything the easy way back then! So for a bit of fun I pulled my coat up over my face, held my head down and made a swift exit. You should have heard all the cameras going off! What a lot of wasted film !

So “What is the difference between a Scorpion and a Reporter ?”

What indeed !

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