Thursday, 12 January 2012

Second Issue. Resignation, May 2007

So as we started to read the last edition of Spen 'n' Ink, on the 10th of May 2007 Tony Blair announced his resignation as prime minister as of June 28th
I do not do Politics, Religion or Football. Whatever you think of him is up to you.
Will a new prime minister make that much difference to us, sat here in a field? It will either rain or the sun will shine!
A far more important resignation (and an even longer good bye) is that of Richard, as our treasurer. This post really does affect us and our ability to sit here in a field although; it will still either rain or be sunny!
Richard's legacy is that Spen Valley is a better, stronger, better equipped and happier Group For that I would like to thank Him.
I do not know if Richard is to stay on, on the committee, I do hope so.
I also hope we do find someone to take over from Richard. It is an office we cannot do without, as a committee
However Blair is remembered in fifty years’ time; let’s hope Richard is not remembered as the man whose resignation killed Spen.
To who ever does become the new treasurer, I will give my full support.
I already have to prepare one set of books, for the Inland Revenue, I do not wish to do any more.
If on the other hand we fold, then geographically we would be absorbed by YDA. but how would it work "in the field”? Would ex Spen members be at one side, in a click and YDA at the other side ?
One more resignation will happen on 21st July. I will be leaving the 47 year olds club and joining the 48 year olds club. Now that's a party to be in ! It's at Shipley Glen. (For more details see Site information & Directions ) Please come, Bring your own chair and booze!

Happy camping App’y

©13th May 2007

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