Saturday, 14 January 2012

Silver lining May 2010

Thanks to the Icelandic volcano and it’s dust cloud it as been nice and peaceful up here near the airport, one of my clients who lives in Menstone said on a morning it was so quiet without the planes that they could hear the birds singing. “Every cloud as a silver lining” ~ Yeah, but I don’t know it meant volcanic ash !
A couple of weeks ago Jon, the Club PR Manager invited me down to HQ for a training day. It was very interesting especially the Media Workshop, which showed us how to deal with the press and how to best portray our selves (and the Club) in a TV interview. The only drawback to that is now when I watch the news I can see how badly (or well) the person is responding to been interviewed.
As I hinted at in the last Spen ‘n’ Ink Chris and I are doing another Summer Camping Festival it will be in July at Gargrave, Home Farm, on the 23rd to 25th. We are calling it Camperama 2010 and it will be a “Celebration of all things Camp” We are planning to have the Festival Games as before but with some new ideas including :- simulated Caravan Leg winding Racing and Tent Peg Skittles. there will be a Camp Supper Bar Be Que.
On Saturday we will have a Craft Workshop for people to decorate their Fire Buckets ready for a Grand Parade of Decorated Fire Buckets on Sunday morning, after coffee, Peter will host an Auction of Used Camping gear and (If I can get any) signed Photos donated by Celebrities. As always we will need some more volunteers to help over the weekend.
I hope you all will come and join the fun,

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