Friday, 13 January 2012

Snow at Easter,April 2008

 Members, past and present had lent us lots of pennons, and having sent out over seventy emails to the local Press, all we needed now was good weather! AH.. Doeh! It rained, it blow and then it snowed !

Middleham looked great in the snow, the camp field, not so great, I saw one motorhomest fitting snow chains !

The pennon display show went ahead, more-or-less as planned, but in and around my new marquee. Yorkshire Region Council helped to boost the number of pennons on display up to 809. Look out for the photos on our web site and in the album. It is a pity that none of the local press turned up, but in that weather maybe it’s not a surprise. I am emailing them with a press report and photos! We did get a mention on Radio York, and it will hopefully be in the Club Mag.

My freezer is getting low on meat, so it must soon time for a trip to Bury. Thorn Topp at Affetside, to be exact. I love Bury Market, but the best reason to go is to buy the fresh local meat straight from the Farm Shop. It’s just around the corner from the camp. Last year when I was walking Holly and Trigger through the fields where the sheep were grazing I couldn’t help but to notice how many different types of wild flowers were growing amongst the grasses. It is this wide variety of plants that give the meat such a sweet taste. Now before I start to sound too much like our Club President, I’ll be going in a 4X4, ‘cos we all know it can rain in Lancashire!

Have you realised that the longest day is in the lifetime of this edition of Spen `n` Ink? We are camping at Horton in Ribblesdale, that weekend the 20th June. Who fancies a “Mid Summer’s Night Party” If the midges aren’t too bad. Get out your Laurel swags, straw-hat and flaming torches.

Happy camping, App’y

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