Sunday, 15 January 2012

Technology and a Paradox January 2011

So a “Happy New Year” to all

Technology is a marvellous thing, but when technology fails, try a big hammer!

I nearly got to the big hammer part recently when, during the bad weather I started receiving text messages every day from +447786208896 telling me that “Common Road School” was either open or closed. So I texted back asking them to stop sending me them, no luck! And I did not get an answerer when I rang that number, how can I stop this? Should we all text them and say where we are camping?

Recently whilst Chris and I were shopping in a well-known clothes store a chap asked me what colour I would call a pair of trousers he was holding up. I examined them and said “Welsh Slate blue” he thought a second and replied “They be alright for a night on the tiles” … I’d asked for that!

Now is this paradox #
You will have seen the Television advert for a Man’s anti pursuant using the paradox of “You don’t expert power and caring” and shows a powerful Maserati sports car, with a child seat in the rear! But is that a paradox? (Regular readers might guess what’s coming next) I work for someone on Thursdays who has a Maserati and yes in order to carry his two children in safety there are child seats in the back!

Did the advert writers not think it really did happen?

#A paradox; a statement that sounds absurd or seems to contradict itself, but may in fact be true (From the Oxford English Dictionary)

So here’s to a new year

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