Saturday, 14 January 2012

Traffic Lights July 2009

Well, we had good weather for a few weekends. Although in May at Bury it was so wet that for the first time that I know of even Richards’s car came unstuck ! Or should that be stuck.
Mind you now we have the Sun, I’ve started with my Hay Fever! And I think I was out in it to long the other day, I came home feeling a bit sick

We all know the one about the pile of stones in the park with a light on top and when a small boy asked the park keeper what the light was for was told “It was there so people did not fall over the stones in the dark” So the small boy then asked Why are the stones there and the park keeper replied “To hold the light up” But I’ve now seen it for real The other day I queued at traffic lights, when it came to my turn to go I drove past the now obligatory six feet high cage-like fencing, not around any hole or works but just the controller for the traffic lights !

We are always hearing tales of tyre garages having not heard of Tyron Bands in wheels, but I was talking to one whom as, and he seemed to be up on the gem about changing tyres on caravans every 4 or 5 years even through they appear not to be worn. I don’t know if we can print his name, but if you ask me I will tell you. His garage is in Otley.

If you had noticed the small article the Club Magazine did on Volunteers i.e. me and if you want to know what I REALLY said, I will email you a copy of the interview or if you catch me on site I’ll show you a copy

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