Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Whitby 2011

Chris’s boss had told her that she was going to the Goth weekend at Whitby and to my surprise and great delight Chris had said “She’d always wanted to go” It took me Nano seconds to start getting ready.
We set off Saturday morning and had a good run up the A64 to Malton By-pass. Wanting to avoid Pickering we turned left onto an unclassified road to Thornton le Dale where we stopped for a light lunch.
Onwards to Whitby. The parking was well signed, plentiful and free.

Firstly we walked around the Custom Car Show with Holly, then I took her back to the car so we could go into the Bizarre Bazaar at the leisure centre, a great place to spend money ! But for me the best feeling was in a way been taken back to my “Festival days” and just been in a place full of people who are free thinkers and not “Institutionalized”
We collected Holly and had a walk to the seafront, once more Holly went in the car so we could go into the Spa Pavilion for more stalls. Amongst my purchases was a Sophie "Weirdo, Mosher, Freak" bag, which I had planned to use for camping but Chris has hijacked to use for work.
We then had a cup of tea back at the car and then walked to town. The only disappointment of the day was that the Greedy Pig sandwich shop was closed.
We did the steps up to the Abbey. There seemed to be a lot of photographers there. I like taking photos, but would not photo real people in the street !

Chris and Holly went back to the car park and I detoured to the Whalebones to pay my respects at the Sophie Lancaster Memorial bench. We then headed off towards home. Half way down the A169 we decided to stop for dinner at the Fox and Rarebit. As always a first class meal and bear was had.
A long and tiring day so next spring we’re going to take the ‘van and camp at a nearby 5site for the weekend.
Only 16 weeks now left to WGW Spring 2012

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