Wednesday, 29 February 2012

I have been tagged

I have been tagged by Toxic Void Is that a good thing ? …… Must be So here goes

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11 things about me
1. I’ve just become a Granddad, I’ll be known as “The slightly Eccentric one”
2. I have (As in own) “Rescued Greyhounds”.
3. I love the Yorkshire Dales and Moors.
4. Retired from Catering ‘cause of ill health. Now run my own Gardening business
5. Used to be a Punk Rocker and NEVER GREW OUT OF IT !
6. I am a member of The Camping and Caravanning Club
7. I was once thrown out of a shop because I took my dogs in, farther down the street another shop let them in and I spent quite a lot. I went back to the first shop, held up my shopping and shouted “BIG MISTAKE”
8. I love Black Sheep Ale.
9. In 1977 I helped make the then “World’s Biggest Yorkshire Pudding.”
10. I seem to ask questions that no one else things of.
11. I sometimes talk/sing to my lawnmowers.

The 11 questions from Toxic Void
1. Favourite colour?
2. Favourite band/song of all time?
Some Kind of Stranger by the Sisters of Mercy
3. What's the worst way you found out your friends aren't really your friends?
Can’t say this has happened to me, I either have never had any friends or I still have good friends ?
4. Do you stay up late sometimes?
5. Favourite animal?
Greyhounds and Lurchers of course!! I support Tia Greyhound and Lurcher Rescue.
6. What's the outfit you feel the most proud of when you wear it?
Thanks ! That’s made me feel old ! I don’t have one……. How sad.
7. What's the saddest movie you have watched? Either made you cry, or just a terrible movie
I think I will have cried at Watership Down, but don’t watch many movies
8. What is your favourite place to hang out or relax? Either alone or with friends.
Horton in Ribblesdale or Hutton le Hole
9. What do you do in your free time?
By “free time” I take it you mean “Not getting paid for” well I’m the Public Relations Officer for our Camping group, and co Editor for the Newsletter. I also raise money for Tia Greyhound and Lurcher Rescue Charity, and I grow my own veg.
10. The worst book you have read, but managed to get through?
Sorry don’t really read many fiction books to the end in any case.
11. Who is an artist or band you wish would just take their crappy music and go live in a cave?
Now this could be a very long list ! But I’ll just say anything with what I’ll call a 70’s disco beat.

My 11 questions
1. Favourite Font (Type face)
2. Which would hurt the most; been called dishonest or boring?
3. Do you always carry a camera ?
4. Favourite Drink ?
5. Do you still keep a Favourite item of clothing that will never fit you again ?
6. If you thought your boss was a serial killer would you tell the police ?
7. Would you rather have a bench with plaque or a tree planted in your memory after you’ve died ?
8. Favourite Flower or Plant ?
9. What was the worst day of your life ?
10. Have you ever tried eating dog treats ?
11. Would you rather live in the city or countryside ?

Whom shall I tag? (I might not be able to get 11)You don't have to do this if you don't want to. It's just for fun.

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Sunday, 26 February 2012

The Camp Site at the End of the Universe

With the word “California” in the sites name I was hoping to be greeted by a Pamela Anderson look-a-like in red bikini and my wife was thinking of The Hoff. In reality there was NO welcome, just a note saying where the gate key was hidden. The pitch number we were given was already taken by a long term let. I rang the ‘phone number and was told to park where I liked.
The purpose of our trip south was to see our grandson and family, so as soon as we’d pitched we went to their home. Next day I started to explore the site and despite it been late February there was still a lot of moss left on the hard standings and leafs on the lawn areas, although a chap who looked as happy as a “Youth Opportunity Placement” would do came with a leaf blower, blowing them of the paths at least until the next gust of wind blew them back. I had left all my clients moss and leaf free, so when paying £23.00 per night the least you expect is a clean and tidy site for your money. A quick look into the gent’s block took me back to what was acceptable in the 1970’s but the standards were fell far short of the 21st century. The site was full of White Vans but the amount of work actually been done appeared to be minimal. There was a large amount of work still needing to be done here, even the rubbish skip was overflowing by Friday. And to think we were paying £23.00 per night for this !

The town of Wokingham seems to have everything you need. Everything that is but manners ! The Wokingham people must be the most rude in the county, or is it that the Yorkshire folk are the most friendly ?. On Tuesday morning I found a path around the “Lake” more of a pond really and quite brown in colour, which is part of the adjoining Country Park, home to the local dog walking gang which once again is much more “Stand offish” than the crowd back home. The trees in the park lacked love and a large percentage had a fungal disease which I’m not sure if it is a type of Rust or Fire Blight, but I will disinfect my boots and jacket before going back into any woodland near home! The “unwelcomeness” continued back at our grandsons with a note being placed on our windscreen saying “We had used the visitor’s parking space to long” Saturday the family came to us and we all had a walk around the pond again at lunch time we had a pub lunch in the Ship’s Anchor. Taking a six month old into a pub was going to be an experience, Luka was brilliantly behaved. It was the first time I’d been in a pub as a granddad and that makes everything look different. What fun !.
It’s really great to see my grandson and family but I wish they lived nearer us, in Yorkshire, or at least somewhere where the “Hitch Hikers Guild to the Galaxy” wouldn’t compare to “The End of the Universe”.

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Churchs and Abbeys

A couple more pictures of some of my favorite places

Reeth village Church

The Dales village of Wensledale.
Bolton Abbey

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Gates, Styles and Steps 1

This is the start of some “quickie” posts of things that I like, just because I do
All taken in the beautiful Yorkshire Dales, Moors or the Lake District

Gate into field in the Washburn Valley
Kissing Gate near Natland (Lake District)

Steps in Settle North Yorkshire

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Valentine’s Day Vampire Special Post

Masham Druids Temple
About 4 miles west of Masham (North Yorkshire UK) is The Druids Temple, situated near Ilton, high above Pot Beck
A folly created by William Danby (1752-1832) of Swinton Hall in 1820. The structure sits in a private wood and has a large stone table, an altar stone and sheltered cave. The temple is about a 100 feet long and 50 feet wide, with some of the stones standing over 10 feet high.
In 1784 William Danby was made High Sheriff of Yorkshire. He created the temple to generate work for the locals who were paid 1 shilling a day.

Pics pinched off Google

A salary was offered for someone to live at the Temple as a hermit for seven years.
I don’t think if anyone did stay the full seven year term, but someone stayed for five years before going a bit mad.

See you at Holly's Horrorland party.

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Why App’y Talk ?

A lot of people ask “Why App’y Talk ?” Well it’s quite a long story. After my mother died my farther (John Appleby) started going to see his cousin once a week and sometimes I’d go too if it was my day off. His cousin, also called John, but Richardson, always referred to my dad as Happy. One day I asked John (R) “why do you call him Happy, when he’s the most miserable man I know ?” “No” said John “It’s NOT HAPPY it’s APP’Y, there’s NO ‘H’ App’y short for Appleby, that’s what we called him at school.”
Years later when I was about to go self-employed I thought that I’d need a catchy trade name, I tried various things like Alastair’s Landscapes, Alastair the Gardener etc. but it sounded
a bit iffy then I came up with “App’y the Gardener” I used that. So when I became the Public Relations Officer for our camping group I needed a name for my column in the newsletter, and thus with a mix of my trade name and the song Happy Talk, App’y Talk was born. I liked it and so I kept it for my Blog.

The two Johns, John Richardson left and my dad Right.

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Gothic Bathroom Mirror

We brought this Gothic arch mirror from a small garden centre near Sutton on Forest back in the summer. It’s for outside really, but I think it’s perfect for Chris’s Gothic Bathroom.

Monday, 6 February 2012

A True Gothic Revivalist, Edward Buckton Lamb.

St Andrew's Church, Blubberhouses I had a walk at lunchtime on Thursday and took these photos of the church that’s just over the road from where I work, the church, St Andrew’s, dates from the 1850’s is a Grade 2 listed building. Lady Frankland Russell decided to build a church as a chapel of ease so that her estate workers could worship without having to walk to Fewston. She employed an architect, Edward Buckton Lamb (1805-1869) who was also known as the ‘Rogue Architect’ because he believed in the architectural style known as “True Gothic Revivalist.” The style was also used by the more famous architect, William Butterfield. Lamb designed four other churches in Yorkshire - at Sowerby, Bagby, Healey and Aidwark.

All have a very original Modern Gothic style said to be based on components of Anglo-Venetian and early French. They were part of an attempt to combine medievalism with modernism, traditional forms, new materials, pointed arches and plate glass, all popular around the 1860’s. A recurring feature was of a tall spire topping a central tower, and an altar which was fully visible from the nave. It was consecrated on the 24 September 1856. In the late nineteenth century the church at Blubberhouses was apparently well attended by the reservoir navvies.
Testament to the builders is that the church sits into the hillside next to a road which carries a lot of heavy quarry traffic.

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Damaged Guttering

This week we finally got the guttering repaired after it was hit by our next door neighbours’  carport roof which blew off in the winds before Christmas !
Ian has gone underground and snecks out when he thinks we can’t see him, he is not replying to emails or answering his door ! I told him I want the excess we have had to pay on our insurance. If he doesn’t soon surface I will go up to his “New Life Church” on Sunday and present him with the bill half way through the service in front of all his “Followers”

What’s left of Ian’s carport

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