Sunday, 26 February 2012

The Camp Site at the End of the Universe

With the word “California” in the sites name I was hoping to be greeted by a Pamela Anderson look-a-like in red bikini and my wife was thinking of The Hoff. In reality there was NO welcome, just a note saying where the gate key was hidden. The pitch number we were given was already taken by a long term let. I rang the ‘phone number and was told to park where I liked.
The purpose of our trip south was to see our grandson and family, so as soon as we’d pitched we went to their home. Next day I started to explore the site and despite it been late February there was still a lot of moss left on the hard standings and leafs on the lawn areas, although a chap who looked as happy as a “Youth Opportunity Placement” would do came with a leaf blower, blowing them of the paths at least until the next gust of wind blew them back. I had left all my clients moss and leaf free, so when paying £23.00 per night the least you expect is a clean and tidy site for your money. A quick look into the gent’s block took me back to what was acceptable in the 1970’s but the standards were fell far short of the 21st century. The site was full of White Vans but the amount of work actually been done appeared to be minimal. There was a large amount of work still needing to be done here, even the rubbish skip was overflowing by Friday. And to think we were paying £23.00 per night for this !

The town of Wokingham seems to have everything you need. Everything that is but manners ! The Wokingham people must be the most rude in the county, or is it that the Yorkshire folk are the most friendly ?. On Tuesday morning I found a path around the “Lake” more of a pond really and quite brown in colour, which is part of the adjoining Country Park, home to the local dog walking gang which once again is much more “Stand offish” than the crowd back home. The trees in the park lacked love and a large percentage had a fungal disease which I’m not sure if it is a type of Rust or Fire Blight, but I will disinfect my boots and jacket before going back into any woodland near home! The “unwelcomeness” continued back at our grandsons with a note being placed on our windscreen saying “We had used the visitor’s parking space to long” Saturday the family came to us and we all had a walk around the pond again at lunch time we had a pub lunch in the Ship’s Anchor. Taking a six month old into a pub was going to be an experience, Luka was brilliantly behaved. It was the first time I’d been in a pub as a granddad and that makes everything look different. What fun !.
It’s really great to see my grandson and family but I wish they lived nearer us, in Yorkshire, or at least somewhere where the “Hitch Hikers Guild to the Galaxy” wouldn’t compare to “The End of the Universe”.

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