Monday, 6 February 2012

A True Gothic Revivalist, Edward Buckton Lamb.

St Andrew's Church, Blubberhouses I had a walk at lunchtime on Thursday and took these photos of the church that’s just over the road from where I work, the church, St Andrew’s, dates from the 1850’s is a Grade 2 listed building. Lady Frankland Russell decided to build a church as a chapel of ease so that her estate workers could worship without having to walk to Fewston. She employed an architect, Edward Buckton Lamb (1805-1869) who was also known as the ‘Rogue Architect’ because he believed in the architectural style known as “True Gothic Revivalist.” The style was also used by the more famous architect, William Butterfield. Lamb designed four other churches in Yorkshire - at Sowerby, Bagby, Healey and Aidwark.

All have a very original Modern Gothic style said to be based on components of Anglo-Venetian and early French. They were part of an attempt to combine medievalism with modernism, traditional forms, new materials, pointed arches and plate glass, all popular around the 1860’s. A recurring feature was of a tall spire topping a central tower, and an altar which was fully visible from the nave. It was consecrated on the 24 September 1856. In the late nineteenth century the church at Blubberhouses was apparently well attended by the reservoir navvies.
Testament to the builders is that the church sits into the hillside next to a road which carries a lot of heavy quarry traffic.

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