Sunday, 12 February 2012

Why App’y Talk ?

A lot of people ask “Why App’y Talk ?” Well it’s quite a long story. After my mother died my farther (John Appleby) started going to see his cousin once a week and sometimes I’d go too if it was my day off. His cousin, also called John, but Richardson, always referred to my dad as Happy. One day I asked John (R) “why do you call him Happy, when he’s the most miserable man I know ?” “No” said John “It’s NOT HAPPY it’s APP’Y, there’s NO ‘H’ App’y short for Appleby, that’s what we called him at school.”
Years later when I was about to go self-employed I thought that I’d need a catchy trade name, I tried various things like Alastair’s Landscapes, Alastair the Gardener etc. but it sounded
a bit iffy then I came up with “App’y the Gardener” I used that. So when I became the Public Relations Officer for our camping group I needed a name for my column in the newsletter, and thus with a mix of my trade name and the song Happy Talk, App’y Talk was born. I liked it and so I kept it for my Blog.

The two Johns, John Richardson left and my dad Right.

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