Saturday, 17 March 2012


A couple of years ago on Holiday in the Peak District we visited Treak Cliff cavern, where Blue john Stone is mined, and crafted into jewellery, ornaments and decorative items
There were a few other mines in the Peak District, but Treak Cliff cavern was the only one to allow dogs in… So you know where my money was spent.
Holly and Trigger in 2009

We saw veins of Blue John Stone deposits inside the hill and veins across the cave roof.

The guide explained how miners in the 1750's constructed a tunnel using only hand tools to reach the Blue John Stone deposits inside the hill and pointed out fossils in the limestone rock which formed the hillside above 330 million years ago.
 We entered the mysterious Witch's Cave where even richer deposits of Blue John Stone were revealed. As the tour descended even deeper into the hill and we experienced underground limestone cave formations. Multi-coloured flowstone adorns the walls of Aladdin's Cave. Stalactites and stalagmites decorate Fairyland and the Dream Cave. The most famous formation is "The Stork" standing on one leg!

Treak Cliff Cavern is of international fame and geological importance. It has been a designated Site of Special Scientific Interest for many years by agreement with English Nature

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