Monday, 5 March 2012

The Downside to Gardening 1

Although it has been a nice day today there’s been a lot of lows:-
First job at an office, there’s always a lot of litter, but now a cat as moved in and leaves me well hidden parcels
Next job, A rented house, more litter and empty Vodka bottles
Then and this is the depressing part, Sid an elderly man came out told me he’d crashed his car and had to stop driving etc. THREE TIMES IN A ROW ! Pour Sid’s losing it ! and I was looking for a shotgun
Last job, Mrs G. was full of woe “She had to take her husband to the toilet” I didn’t need that image in my head !
Somewhere along the way I also hurt my shoulder !

The council have not yet started emptying the Brown Bins yet !

OH well tomorrow’s Tuesday and the first clients really cool.

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