Sunday, 4 March 2012

Fungi and Downtown Abbey

February Round-up
Work wise the weather was not as bad as it seemed. Still been clearing up Oak and Beech leafs.
Just about finished cutting all the hedges, but there’s still some Power washing to do. I’ve found a new Wholesaler for sundries I won’t be using them a lot but it’s always good to know these people I’ve ordered all the Spring and Summer Lawn food, but it’s been a bit of guess-work this year has I not too sure of who needs exactly what ! A lot of moss has appeared over winter so as soon as the weather dries up a bit there will be loads of scarifying to do. This week I started cutting the lawns….. then it rained on Monday, so I only did half a day again !

There are also a lot of fungi on dead and semi dead trees and wood, some of these are really interesting in composition and structure.

Chris finally has had the pot taken off her leg, that’s the good news, the bad news is that she now has to have a “Boot” on for the next six weeks ! I quite like the boot, I think it looks quite Gothic ! and asked if she could get one for the other foot !

Holly has not been at work with me so much mainly because of Chris been at home, but when she has been with me at some of the bigger gardens she thinks she’s at Downtown Abbey, only trouble is she thinks she’s The Dowager not The Under Gardener !

Camping wise, at our AGM Chris and I were voted (Press ganged) into been the regular Editors for Spen ‘n’ Ink, our Newsletter, but a least I can put some articles from that on my blog and vice versa

See “The camp site at the End of the Universe”.

. It was great to see all the family and play with Luka. I’m going to like this “Granddad thing”

Today I have booked a campsite for Whitby Goth Weekend in April. Only 8 weeks to go, but before that it’s only 5 weeks till Pendle Faery Craft Fayre and Ball. I Can’t wait !

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