Saturday, 24 March 2012

Shadow and Cloud Pictures

I found a post on Adsils’s blog - Above the nom called Casting Shadows
It looked fun and I really liked it and thought I would have a look in my files for some Shadow Pictures so here they are
In a garden in Menston
Snow clouds blowing in at Leyburn 2008
Horton in Ribblesdale
Summer Solstice 2008
Bay trees in the Washburn valley
Sky over Skipton

  All pictures were taken in Yorkshire U.K.


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  2. Could you tell me more about the manor house pictured in Washburn Valley? Or do you know where I could find more information about it? Thank you,

    1. Hi Annalise, welcome to my Blog. The house is Blubberhouses Hall, at Blubberhouses on the A59 in Yorkshire UK. I am the gardener there on Thursdays. It was a medieval shooting lodge, rebuilt after a fire in Victorian times. The Architect been Edward Buckton Lamb. See
      It is currently for sale and some details can be found here… But if you just Google the name a lot will come up. I have also mentioned it on blogs, and I hope this helps.



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