Thursday, 15 March 2012

Sisters of Mercy Old Photos

I’ve found these old pictures of The Sisters of Mercy. I think they’re from about 1981 and could be at The Warehouse night club in Leeds.

The Sisters of Mercy taken about 1981

In them days you could take cameras into gigs as most local back-street bands welcomed any interest shown in them. This was before the term Goth was even thought of !

The Sisters of Mercy taken about 1981

You can see the quality is really poor I think I used a Kodak 110 slim line camera ? And 30 years later I scanned them into the computer sorry.

The Sisters of Mercy taken about 1981

I was usually at least half drunk for most of the early ‘80’s so it’s lucky I even saw the bands !.
No wonder I ended up half deaf !


  1. Thank you so much - these are jewels.

  2. Great pic, looks like The Warehouse Leeds with those lights.

    1. Thanks and yes it was The Warehouse, since been told it was 1983, I really can`t remember.



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