Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Things They Don’t Teach You at Collage,

Or I Bet Alan Titchmarsh Won’t Do This
Passifflora caerulea
Signing for clients parcels
Easy enough but it’s surprising how often I do this
How to react when told your client has just died
What can I say ?
Given coffee from a dirty house
I once was given a coffee, but when I went into the house for some water and saw the state of the kitchen I felt sick ! See “Spondylosis TV Garden & Eng. Flags” blog
Acting as Clark of Works for other trades
Unusual for the Gardener to be in charge, but being the only regular tradesman at a house, other trades are often told to report to me for the job specification
Getting texted at 5am to reset a client’s alarms
It happened
Ringing gas board for clients
For the partly deaf !
Opening jars and bottles for clients
We all get old and this just reminds us of that
Reading meters for clients
Ditto the above
Picking people up, when fallen.
Ditto the above
Putting petrol in cars for clients
Ditto the above, if you can’t stand and hold the petrol nozzle

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