Monday, 19 March 2012


We were at a Christmas Frye when we first came across Tia’s stall. It had been six months since we’d lost our last dog, Daley a whippet type Lurcher. There were such lovely Greyhounds at the stall in a moment I was in love. The next weekend we went to the kennels and came home with Holly and Trigger. Tia holds a special place in my heart as do all Greyhounds and Lurchers.

The following is from their web site.

A little bit about TiA

Why are we needed ?

Approximately 40,000 Greyhounds are bred for racing each year in Britain and Ireland.
The majority of these are dead before their fifth birthday. Only a lucky few end up in rescue kennels where they have the chance of finding the quality of life they deserve.

TiA Greyhound and Lurcher Rescue was founded in 1997. It is an independent charity dedicated to rescuing and rehoming unwanted greyhounds and lurchers. From humble beginnings in some stables and a chicken shed TiA is now the largest organisation of it’s kind in the North of England and is able to care for up to 90 dogs at any one time. TiA finds a “forever home” for some 250 dogs a year.

None of this would be possible without the public’s generosity and our small army of volunteers. TiA’s veterinary bills alone are in excess of £50,000 per annum and it is a constant change to service the mortgage on the kennels on top of funding our day-to-day expenses’


For over ten years TiA Greyhound and Lurcher Rescue has been committed to rescuing and rehoming stray, abandoned and ex-racing greyhounds and lurchers. We have a ‘no kill’ policy believing that no animal should be put to sleep because a home cannot be found immediately or because veterinary treatment may be too expensive.
TiA is an independent not-for-profit organisation and does not receive money from the racing industry. We rely solely on the public’s generosity to provide support for dogs who have been mistreated’ traumatised’ starved or neglected and provide them with a new life.

TiA receives no money from the Greyhound Racing Industry, no lottery money or state aid.


 Registered Charity number 1105626
Based in West Yorkshire U.K.


  1. I love the way they always look like they're so happy. What beautiful and regal pups.

  2. Thanks. Holly is now 15 years old and sadly we lost Trigger last August at 13.



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