Thursday, 5 April 2012

More Morse, than Titchmarsh !

An elderly friend said to me on been told that I was starting my own Gardening Business “You’ll be like Alan Titchmarsh”…. Well no Betty it’s not ! And I’ve wrote about that before.
So’s here’s another day not like TV’s Gardener’s World. !
“Rock Speakers”
 When I first got to work today, at my favourite garden I was walking up past the house when I heard a few musical notes. So in the way you do, in a group when someone’s ‘phone goes I automatically felt for my ‘phone, only to realize that the music was in fact coming from the “Rock Speakers” I’ve always thought’ they were cool, but not today ! I had eight hours of Classic AM. I now know how Sargent Lewis felt in Inspector Morse!
 At least the music has kept the squirrels away from the bird’s nuts

Shadow picture of an Ash tree at same garden

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