Sunday, 8 April 2012

Pendle Craft Fayre

The snow on Wednesday meant that I had to work on Good Friday and halted our plans for a weekend away. So still determined to go to Pendle Craft Fayre we set off for Billington on Saturday morning. The roads were clear and we soon arrived at the hotel and parked up. I took Holly for a walk around the grounds before we left her in the car to go into the Fayre. There were about thirty-six stalls each one with a fine display of the artists own splendid work. I find it such a joy to spend money at this type of fayre in the knowledge that it goes to the people that have put their heart and soul into making the goods, and that for that chance to buy things that are not mass-produced. My favourite purchases were two prints by talented artist Naomi von Monsta called Honeysuckle and Roses, and a bespoke door plaque we had made for Luka. From The Earth Friendly Furniture Company I bought Chris some earrings and she bought me a Faery Door. From Fairy Glass Scotland

Now we’re looking forward to Whitby in two and a bit weeks

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