Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Why Whitby is better than the Olympics

100 Days to the Olympics, so what !
It’s only 7 Days to Whitby
A standing stone on moors above Whitby

14 Reasons why Whitby is better than the Olympics
Ø There’s no sport - - - - SO –
Ø The crowd is not divided into conflicting groups - - - SO - - -
Ø There’s Never been any rioting at Whitby
Ø Whitby not full of politicians,
Ø Or people who think they should have priority over other people.
Ø It is not “Rammed down” the throats of people, who are not interested in it.
Ø Whitby does not waste any taxpayer’s money.
Ø It is not dominated by the world’s super powers.
Ø You don’t have to wait for another four years for the next Whitby.
Ø NO Bats were harmed in the construction of the events at Whitby.
Ø You don’t have to listen to Jeremy Clarkson moaning about Whitby - - - Because - - -
Ø There’s NO Congestion Charge, in fact last November the parking was FREE !
Ø It is in Yorkshire, - - -and - - -
Ø The Fish & Chips are better.


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