Saturday, 12 May 2012

Celebrity product endorsement

Another one I wrote years ago but never used.

As a child there were people in my community to respect. A policeman lived a few doors away; the man who owned the shop was the local counsellor. Nowadays there seem less and less real people to look up to. Television as taken over our lives and with it given us a new set of ideals and role models.
The Ambassadors Party ?

That is why when a celebrity is used to endorse a product; it is a sure way of going straight to the hearts and minds of the target market for that product,
So what does influence us, do we have to ware the same shirts as David Beckham or drive the same car as Jeremy Clarkson?

When I used to work in a Garden Centre people would ask me about a product, I might have said, "Yes its okay, but I use this one." At that point they would almost always go for the one I claimed to use. Now I don't pretend to be a celebrity, but it proves my point. 

To quote a song
"You never listen to a word I say. You only see me for the cloths I ware." 

Today, more than ever this seems to be true. We all seem to be too quick to judge people on our own first impressions of them. To quote another song
“Can you judge a man, by the way he wares his hair? “

It is easy to fall into the lore of someone whose style and personality you like; this is the point at which product endorsement can take place.
A far worse scenario is when these people are taken too serious, like with the Top Gear Caravanning sketch, if Ronan Atkinson, as Mr Bean had done the same sketch no one would have been upset.

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