Thursday, 17 May 2012

Morality and Architecture

What a wonderful start to a day. Driving along a deserted road over Askwith Moor in my old faithful Impreza listening to a 1980’s cassette of my all-time favourite band, the sun shimmering on the moors and dry stone walls in the light drizzle. Going to work today at my favourite garden, surrounded by beautiful Gothic architecture of the house and St. Andrew’s Church across the valley, spring lambs running in their fields and birds fill the air with their songs.
St Andrews Church

Mid-morning Howard, the Gamekeeper came. He’s a real Yorkshire character always has a good yarn to till. Today’s tale was that he’d had his Fire Arms licence check, by an inspector who was in Howards words “Still wet behind the ears” and asked all sorts of silly questions like “Why do you have so many guns” “They’re the tools of my trade” Howard answered. “Why do you need a Handgun (Pistol) licence ?” ~ Tony Blair had tried to make ALL Handguns illegal saying “There was no reason why anyone needed a pistol” But forgot about ‘Humane Dispatch’ of animals involved and injured in road accidents ~ Howard is amongst a small number of Keepers who are employed by the Police for that. You cannot use a rifle on or by a public highway, it has to by a Handgun !. Keepers are paid by the Police about £30.00 a time, but Vets charge up to £190.00 a time to inject an animal, and for the likes of Deer, you can’t eat the meat if it’s been killed by injected.

Later in the day. The man from Yorkshire Water came to check the septic tank and filter bed. This might put you off your tea (or coffee) but the outfall from it then goes straight into the River Washburn, which 400 yards later feeds Fewston Reservoir where Leeds gets most of its drinking water from ! Anyway he was telling that at another ‘works a farmer brings 6 sheep to eat the grass ~ last week when he went they had gone, “The farmer said they had been stolen !”

Just another day at the office ?

And just to finish the day off well it finally stopped raining about half past two.

Hall Lane

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