Saturday, 5 May 2012

When did you become a Goth?

St Andrews Church.
I received an email from my Auntie, no doubt after reading my blogs or Facebook page, asking
“Have I missed something for the past 30 odd years ? When did you become a Goth????”
So I of course replied and then thought the answer could be used as a base for today’s blog…….. Thus >>>
Hi Auntie
Yes, about 1980 or so, well before the music was called Goth and I hadn’t then yet met Chris.
Although I was regularly going to the ‘F Club’ in Leeds as the music was progressing though “Punk”, “Post Punk”, ”Positive Punk” “Electric”, “New Romantic”  etc. until it finally became “Goth”. There then was a side wards step on the Leeds music scene as Acid house appeared not my thing at all. I was by then going out with Chris who was in no way Goth, and so other things took over my life. And I suppose musically I had become a radio 2 ‘TOGG’.
However On August 11th 2007 news of the horrific murder of Sophie Lancaster in Bacup by a gang of teenagers for nothing more than her looking different filled me with a sense of grief, anger and a genuine feeling of  “Loss of one of my own” that I realized that I was still Goth deep down. Also due to me working at a grade 1 listed building I had become more and more into Gothic Architecture, especially of Edward Buckton Lamb ‘The True Gothic Revivalist’,  and old stone work of the Yorkshire Dales and Moors in general.
Running parallel to all this I had become the PRO for our local camping group. As such I’d devised, promoted and run the two Summer Solstices, Camperama and the Search and Decoy Duck Hunt events with Chris. People were by now beginning to ask “Are you a Goth” and I hadn’t quite realized that yes I am. Then last November, when Chris’s boss told her she was going to Whitby Weekend and Chris said she’d always wanted to go, we did.
But let’s face it Auntie I’ve ALWAYS been on the outside, Here (in Goth) I’m not.
One final point, been 52 years old, I am referred to as an “Eldergoth”  I really LOVE that

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