Tuesday, 22 May 2012

World Goth Day 2012 Cemetery Picnic ?

Happy World Goth Day

To celebrate World Goth Day I thought I’d Picnic in a local cemetery

Every day I take pack-up to work for lunch and so why not eat it in the village church I pass between two clients. Thus :-
There were a lot of parked cars, but I found a place, and with flask and sarnies under arm I walked up the path. A lot of smart dressed people were hanging about and I thought “A lot of Goths here, this could be good” In my World Goth Day tee shirt I felt a bit underdressed. Then I realized I’d ‘gate crashed a WEDDING !....... Quick exit’

In the end I eat my lunch, sat on my toolbox in the semi-gothic surrounds of Wharfside Manor!

Taken with the camera sat on car bonnet

1 comment:

  1. XD That really made me laugh.

    Reminds me of my wedding, we'd planned to go to the parish church and get pictures there, but there was a funeral going on simultaneously so I too scrapped the plan pretty quick!


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