Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Energy drinks

I know that I’m older than most of you who read this, I’ve never tried to hide that, basically I’m happy with where I am with my life. One thing though is that I do feel tried more quickly these days. My job as a Gardener is quite physical and so to combat this I’ve tried some so-called energy drinks.

I first tried Red Bull. It was a hot day and I’d decided to have my lunch in a client’s garage where it was cooler, I had my sandwiches and drink the Red bull. Then fell asleep.
Quarter of an hour later I woke-up wondering where I was !!!

Next was Boost. That was cheaper and came in one litre bottles. This seemed to do the trick, but I was beginning to find it hard to go to sleep at night and then feeling worse in the morning. So I started only drinking it before lunch. I was drinking at least one bottle a day, then I read on the label “Recommended daily adult amount 250ml”…… Ahhhhh.
I had a week’s holiday and went “Cold turkey” till I came down off the ceiling

I’ve not ‘Used’ any for the last couple of years, but at the weekend in a wholesaler’s I came across one called Relentless. So here goes hold tight

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  1. Relentless is my husband's fave. Boost is mine, which probably explains the state of my head, haha!


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