Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Kreativ Blogger Award

Alexandria at Queens of the Wild Frontier gave me a Kreative Blogger Award thank you.

Here are the rules!:
-Link the person who awarded you
-Post the Kreativ Blogger image to your blog
-Post 7 random things about you
-Award 10 other deserving bloggers

Seven things about me

1.    I not quite sure how to do links. So this might not work sorry.

2.    There seems to be so many parts to life that I can’t keep up with myself.

3.    I suffer from Hay fever, which is bad been a gardener.

4.    I have a really good sense of direction outside, but always get lost in buildings.

5.    I’ve now 2 grandsons, one is my youngest step sons. The other is my eldest step sons, step son. Does that mean I’m a two-step granddad ?

6.    In 1977 I helped make the then “World’s Biggest Yorkshire Pudding.”

7.    I seem to ask questions that no one else things of.

10 other deserving bloggers


  1. Your links worked :D

    I get hayfever too, but it's not until around Septemberish that it hits me, someone said maybe it's tree pollen that I'm allergic to.

    World's biggest Yorkshire Pudding? Cool :D

  2. Thanks for the mention App'y. I think I did something similar to Kreativ Blogger a few months ago. It had a different name though.


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