Sunday, 10 June 2012

Weekend at York

Friday we travelled in rain to Clifton Park Cricket Club at York to join the Spen gang for the last weekend of the week long meet. Although the bank holiday had seen over 80 ‘vans on site the field was now thinning out. Having set-up and chatted to friends we headed in to York for lunch at Jumbo’s Chinese buffet restaurant, and quite nice it was. Took Holly for a short walk along the embankment and then we both fell asleep. In the evening we drove into York to find Stereo Night Club ready for Saturday night. Then had few drinks back in our ‘van.
York (pic from Neil)
Saturday went back into York and did some shopping, which included new belts with nice buckles and I got a new hoody. Had lunch, walked Holly and rested ready for the night.

New hoody and belts
Darklands / Deviation. I must say that I was a bit disappointed their website promised “Cheap drinks, real ales and special offers at the bar” Were as in fact everything was in bottles or cans ! Also there was a distinct lack of seating, which to most didn’t seem to be a problem, but with Chris’s ankle still not right we needed to sit. This meant that we had to stay in the front bar i.e. in Deviation were as I would had preferred to of been in Darklands more as the music was more to my taste. OR maybe I am too old for clubs
Sunday morning the sun was out as we packed-up and headed home.

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