Monday, 16 July 2012

Gothic Plants Part One Trees and Conifers

Whilst there are endless volumes written about Gothic Music, Fashion, Architecture etc. there seems to be little on Gothic Gardening. So I am starting a series of posts on what I consider are Plants suitable for Gothic Gardens. Of course this is my own view with facts that I have learned from my experience as both a professional Gardener and my interest in things Gothic.

Trees form the backbone to any garden setting and thus are often responsible for the first and lasting impression made when entering a garden. I have chosen trees that I like for their structure often with a combination of gracefulness and elegance

L to R. Cedar, Yew in back ground, Rhododendron and Cedar in lawn.

ARAUCARIA (Monkey Puzzle)…………. Older ones form great shapes.
CEDRUS (Cedar Tree)………… Regal, elegance, robust yet graceful. Cone bearing 

image from Google GINKGO biloba

GINKGO biloba………. One on its own, a personal favourite a conifer with wide leafs not needles  and is deciduous, in other words an outsider, misfit or non-conformist. That makes it defiantly a ‘Goth Tree’ in its own right.
QUERCUS robur (Oak Tree)………… The most regal of trees
SORBUS aucuparia (Rowan Tree/ Mountain Ash)……… Steeped in folklore, mystery and legends
TAXUS baccata (Common Yew)…….Graceful yet strong, every part is poisonous except for the flesh of the berries. Tips of new leafs (needles) are used in cancer treatment medicine.

And a couple of Chav Trees, just to be fair and fun.

ACER pseudoplatanus, (Sycamore)………… The Collage definition of a weed is *A plant growing in the wrong place* and the standard example is a Potato growing in a Rose bed and a Rose growing in a Potato field. ………So there is no right place in Brittan for the Sycamore to grow, it certainly is too big for most gardens. In native woodland it outgrows our native trees and starves them of light and rain. It hosts only a fraction of the types of insects that the Oak does. It should not be anywhere near car parks or cars as they secrete a sap that dulls paint, and whist this sap is not actually poisonous it is disturbing to Bats……………. A CHAV TREE !

CUPPRESSOCYPARIS leylandii  (Leyland Conifer)…………It is not the trees fault. It is the people who grow it and who do not look after it right. Leylandy can need to be trimmed 2 or 3 times a year to make a really nice hedge, but if left to its own devices it will run riot. There actually have been ASBOs served on owners of Leylandy hedges  ………. A CHAV TREE  !

I have not filled this blog with pictures that are not mine, so please use Google for images

Next time Shrubs

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  1. I've always wanted a monkey puzzle tree since I was a kid, I currently don't have a garden though...Booo!


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