Friday, 20 July 2012

Life Insurance. End at Whitby

Its getting near my birthday and Ive started getting junk mail for Life Insurance.
Image from Sun Life
 Michael Parkinson wrote to me (not personally of Corse) trying to sell me some. He said. Only the young think they’ll live forever. Those of us who are older – and a bit wiser – know better. Ehh NO Michael, when I was in my 20s I thought the world would soon end in a nuclear war.  Now I am told that I will live 10 years longer than my dad did. Anyway he went on to say Average funeral costs are £3091 and people do not want to burden their family with that. Okay so not financially, but I have been thinking about my funeral lately.

I know my Step sons read this so here goes. This might be more than the £3091 ! !

Pathologists ?
When the pathologists have finished with me and any remaining good bits have been recycled, they can pop me back in the fridge until next Whitby Goth Weekend, Spring or Autumn. Then transport me there by whatever means. My body is then to be placed in a replica Viking Long Boat with all the necessity tinder and firewood, set adrift on the evening outgoing tide on the River Esk. As music is played from the banking, I drift down the river through the harbour.

Image from the Mirror
 An archer is to fire a burning arrow into the boat to light the pyre, whilst “Some Kind Of Stranger” by the Sisters of Mercy rings out. The boat will drift out into the North Sea as the sun dips in the horizon and the fire lights the night sky, until it burns out.

P.S. You are all invited

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  1. I like the idea of viking boat funerals but I think I need a crumbly headstone so not for me lol



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