Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Things That I Have Never Done And Do Not Want To.

Eaten a McDonalds
Watched a football match, either on TV or at a field  # see note below
Bungee Jumped………! what with my Positional Vertigo !!
Bought a Bee gees or a Michele Jackson record.
Smoked a cigarette, OK I tried 1 drag only at about 8 years old that was enough.
Eaten Escargot, I do not like snails in the garden let alone on a plate.
Died Young

# Note:- I did once play football at school. I was the last one to be picked out of the ones that were not picked for the big game. I was put in goal and was watching a big truck go up the road when I noticed the ball had gone past. Apparently I should have stopped it and they all started hitting me
I decided that it might be best if I did not go to games again, and so for the next four and a half years I took myself off to the liberty instead ! I just kept my head down and stayed quite.
In the 5th Year I had History in the liberty, 2 weeks before I was due to leave school a new games teacher came into the liberty, looking for anyone who should be in games, he looked at me even though I was trying to sink below my books and asked. Who are you ? I replied and he ranted I have never seen you ! When do you do games ? ~ Monday afternoons.  By now he was rather red in the face and sort of shaking, the rest of the History class were in hysterics  as he shouted I want to see you on Monday ! ! ! ! ………….. I took Monday off.

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